About Adams Financial Analysis

Rick Adams

Chief Analyst & Founder

Financial Analyst, Rick Adams

With a Masters in Finance from Northeastern University in Boston and a bachelor’s degree from UNC Chapel Hill,…

Rick began in 1989 with Wheat First Securities which, after numerous mergers, eventually became Wells Fargo Advisors. Twenty five years later, Rick and his business partner launched Adams Chetwood Wealth Management Group to continue helping people grow their resources and plan financially for life’s events.

Today, Rick brings his knowledge and skills to the world of business and commercial real estate. Through his passion for financial analysis, Rick helps business owners and potential investors evaluate opportunities to be more profitable. Rick is also committed to helping his community prosper. He has served on the Board of Trustees for Durham Technical Community College and currently chairs Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina. Rick also serves the local chapter of Young Life and his home church, First Baptist Durham.

In 1987, Rick married Jane Woodson Adams, also a UNC grad. They have four adult children spread around North Carolina, Colorado, and Florida. Rick and Jane moved to Durham in 1994 and have enjoyed witnessing the renaissance of this delightful city, Rick’s hometown.

About Adams Financial Analysis

In December 2019, Rick sold his interest in Adams Chetwood Wealth Management Group, LLC, a firm he founded, and opened Adams Financial Analysis, LLC, a business devoted to analyzing commercial real estate projects and privately held companies.

As a Financial Analyst, Rick Adams provides modeling on real estate, small businesses, and unconventional projects. He is passionate about this work and adept at communicating with clients who are unfamiliar with finance.

Our Values


Adams Financial Analysis ensures that all of the relevant data is collected and reviewed during the analysis of your business. No stone is left unturned when it comes to breaking down your business’s finances.


AFA understands that technical jargon and industry specific terminology can get in the way of truly understanding your business and what kind of financial state it’s in. That’s why we break things down in plain English; that way, you get a realistic and easy to understand picture of your business’s finances.


Integrity is an important aspect of how we conduct our business at AFA. By constructing our business practices to ensure that our clients experience the same level of ethical standards that they expect from their own business.

Working Relations

Upon learning about a specific project, Rick usually provides sample modeling pertaining to the investor’s needs at no charge. The prospect can then determine whether to go forward; sometimes this is all that is needed.

After the initial pro bono analysis, a cost quote is provided. Typically, the charge is determined by the project, not an hourly rate. He has also been known to work for equity. This is an arrangement that clients greatly appreciate, as Rick provides ongoing support for the business.

Common Uses For Financial Analysis:

Pricing Real Estate And Private Companies For Acquisition Or Sale

Determining Lease Rates For Either Landlords Or Tenants To Be Used In Negotiation

Valuation Of Business For The Purpose Of Raising Equity Capital

Valuation Of Business For The Purpose Of Obtaining Debt Financing

Common Calculations Used In Financial Analysis:

Find Out How We Can Help Your Business

Complimentary Consultation

At Adams’s Financial Analysis, we believe that your business is our priority. To prove this, we offer several consultations and an initial financial analysis of your business free of charge. Our mission is to help your business succeed. Schedule your free consultation today and we can get started making a business simple together.